UC Irvine

Computer Game Science

Capstone Game Project Class Showcase

Winter 2021

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Team Liquid Horizon

Crystal Reign

Legend foretold the cycle of our Kings. When they fell to darkness, the hero who would defeat the chaos shall be made the new King. Will you — our young challenger — fulfill the legend and bring peace back to our home?


  • Elanna Tang – Producer/Artist
  • Eric Liu – Programmer
  • Justin Kephart – Programmer
  • Cole Medley – Designer
  • Oscar Amarillas – Designer

Mildly Motivated Individuals

Winter Knights

Discover what it means to be the last Winter Knight and overcome difficulties with a myriad of abilities.



  • Malcolm Avery Morales
  • Shiaw-Hern Wu
  • Brian Yeh
  • Hung Dac Nguyen

1.oN DGL

Dive Out

Enter the door, the same room appears again, but something has changed… Dive deeper to find the truth.



  • Chris Yijun Gao
  • Zekun You

100% Normal


Enter a rhythmic battle for your life to rescue the love of your life, Vermilion, in the digital world of UNDERWORLD.exe. Strike, dodge, and rock out to the rhythm to defeat all who would get in your way!



  • Conall Jeremiah Barrett
  • Kristen Maria Campbell
  • Isaac Anthony Huerta
  • Molina K. Mey
  • Victor Weike Zhou

Studio Chime


Play as Sprout as you journey through the whimsical, papercraft world, Papraftia. Navigate the 2.5D levels to collect seeds, secrets and flowers to gain power and overcome the evil looming over the land.


  • Al Prachumsri
  • Daniel Ruihan Qi
  • Timothy Quach
  • Michelle Wang

100% Health

Roaming Comet

Travel with your Comet. Think, react, and enjoy.



  • Tianyi Hu
  • Luwen Qi
  • Guozheng Yang
  • Yiying Ye

Covideo Games

Raging Rocks

Crumble and demolish the enemy base with the overwhelming strength of your Raging Rocks. In this 2D strategic tower-toppler, strategy is key in determining the place to land your rocks to cause the most destruction while also getting around environmental obstacles.



  • Karim Najib
  • Josef Bertolini
  • Ryan Green
  • Nichole Wong
  • Nam-Giao Nguyen


Little Monster Story

You’re a magical frog who can enter other monsters’ minds, and one monster you encounter is having a particularly forgetful day. Hop around the monster’s subconsciousness and help them recover their memories in this 3D collection platformer.



  • Dianne Sparks
  • Kat Witten
  • Blong Timothy Yang

Isekai Me Please

Monster Tamer

You are a young monster excited to try your hand at training your very own humans and seeing them rise to the top of the League of Champions. Fight your way through the challengers of Privantus to try to defeat the champion.



  • Ivan A. Kim
  • Theodore Tamlin Somers Lee
  • Gerald Ma
  • Johnny Duc Ngo
  • Rawlin Stone

Neon Game Studios

Die or Escape

Die or Escape is a thrill seeking first person platformer parkour game in which the player can grapple onto platforms and swing far distances, jump terrifying heights on jump pads, run on walls, and maneuver through obstacles of varying difficulty. We are excited for you to try out our game and keep swinging!



  • Rolando Gabriel Hernandez
  • Ian Scott Maynard
  • Punit Ram Reddy Munnangi

Team Malatang

Auto Human

Run your dungeon as a demon! Protect your gold mine and earn your titles!



  • Zifan Chen
  • Jiaxin Ge
  • Haolin Luo
  • Zezhong Zhang
  • Siheng Zhao

Team Train

Project T.R.A.I.N.

Avoid traps and solve puzzles to escape the evil sheep overlords.



  • Jared Alexander Clark
  • Gabriel William Eck
  • Christopher Robert Goebel
  • Parker Louis Levin
  • Lydia Qiao



Babble is a storytelling puzzle game with the setting of the Tower of Babel. You will play as an invoice angel investigating who is rebuilding the tower after all these years. Along the journey, you will meet people who speak unknown languages, and the only way to learn the language is by piecing up the notes in your journal.



  • Daniel L. Alcala
  • Erol Omer Boyar
  • Adrienne Dominique Linan Caparaz
  • Rigel Paul Kuper
  • Changze Song

Way Out Commandos

Save Your Saviors

Being a nobody who saved the world, or being a warrior who abandons his teammates, It is now your choice. Experience the story of a compulsory-enlisted soldier.



  • Haonan Lin
  • Yiding Ma
  • Haoqing Mo
  • Kwan Wa Mok
  • Xingchen Yang