GDIM 49: Special Topics in Games and Society Pervasive Games, Mixed Reality, Themed Entertainment, and Interactive Performance

Spring 2023
Professor Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

Tuesday & Thursday @ 5-6:20pm
Anteater Learning Pavilion (ALP) 1600

Overview: This course will explore the theory, history, and design of pervasive and location-based games, with a specific emphasis on mixed reality, themed entertainment, and interactive performance. Students will learn how to design playful experiences that take place out in the world, how to design for spectators and non-players, how to expand the magic circle spatially, socially, and temporally, and how to keep their players safe when engaging in public play. The main deliverable for this class will be a large, location-based, game, that students will design, test, and document.


(More details forthcoming)