Player Character Census Ludography

From: Daniel Gardner & Theresa Jean Tanenbaum (forthcoming 2018) Dynamic Demographics: Lessons from a Large-Scale Census of Performative Possibilities in Games[PRE-PUBLICATION DRAFT]. To appear in the proceedings of CHI 2018, Montreal QC, Canada. April 21-26, 2018.

1. 2K Games. 2007. BioShock. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 2K Games.
2. 2K Games. 2010. BioShock 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 2K Games.
3. 2K Games. 2010. Mafia II. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 2K Games.
4. 2K Games. 2013. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. In (Windows PC [Steam}). 2K Games.
5. 5th Cell. 2012. Scribblenauts Unlimited. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
6. Aleksey Abramenko. 2012. Intrusion 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Aleksey Abramenko.
7. Abstraction Games. 2014. BloodRayne: Betrayal. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Midknight City.
8. Alientrap. 2011. Capsized. In (Windows PC [Steam]). IndiePub.
9. AM1. 2011. SEGA Bass Fishing. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sega.
10. Arrowhead Game Studios. 2011. Magicka. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Paradox Interacive.
11. Aspyr Media. 2009. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. In (Windows PC [Steam]). LucasArts.
12. Aspyr Media. 2010. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. In (Windows PC [Steam]). LucasArts.
13. Avalanche Studios. 2010. Just Cause 2. Square Enix.
14. Bethesda Game Studios. 2006. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 2K Games.
15. Big Finish Games. 2014. Tesla Effect. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Atlus.
16. BioWare. 2010. Mass Effect 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Electronic Arts.
17. Black Pants Game Studios. 2012. Tiny and Big: Granpa’s Leftovers. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Black Pants Game Studios.
18. Bohemia Interactive. 2013. DayZ. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Bohemia Interactive.
19. Bossa Studios. 2013. Surgeon Simulator. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Bossa Studios.
20. Bossa Studios. 2014. Deep Dungeons of Doom. Bossa Studios.
21. Brace Yourself Games. 2015. Crypt of the NecroDancer. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Brace Yourself Games.
22. Broken Rules. 2009. And Yet It Moves. In (Windows PC). Broken Rules.
23. Capcom. 2008. Devil May Cry 4. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Capcom.
24. Capybara Games. 2014. Super Time Force Ultra. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Capybara Games.
25. Cell Door Games. 2013. Rogue Legacy. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Cell Door Games.
26. CI Games and Deck 13. 2014. Lords of the Fallen. CI Games.
27. Carlos Coronado, Dani Navarro, and Luka Nieto. 2014. Mind: Path to Thalamus. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Carlos Coronado.
28. Crackshell. 2013. Hammerwatch. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Crackshell.
29. Crazy Viking Studios. 2013. Volgarr the Viking. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Adult Swim Games.
30. Croteam. 2010. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Devolver Digital.
31. Croteam. 2011. Serious Sam 3: BFE. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Devolver Digital.
32. Crowbar Collective. 2015. Black Mesa. Crowbar Collective.
33. Crystal Dynamics. 2013. Tomb Raider. Eidos Interactive.
34. Crytek Studios. 2011. Crysis 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Electronic Arts.
35. Cyanide Studio. 2014. Styx: Master of Shadows. Focus Home Interactive.
36. Daedalic Entertainment. 2012. Deponia. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Daedalic Entertainment.
37. Daedalic Entertainment. 2013. Memoria. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Daedalic Entertainment.
38. Daedalic Entertainment. 2014. 1954 Alcatraz. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Daedalic Entertainment.
39. Daedalic Entertainment. 2014. Blackguards. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Daedalic Entertainment.
40. Dancing Dragon Games. 2010. Deadly Sin 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Degica.
41. Darkest Hour Team. 2011. Darkest Hour: A Heart of Iron Game. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Paradox Interacive.
42. Darkling Room. 2010. Dark Fall: Lost Souls. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Iceberg Interactive.
43. Day 1 Studios. 2011. F.E.A.R. 3. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
44. Dejobaan Games. 2014. Elegy For A Dead World. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Dejobaan Games.
45. Demirge Studios. 2008. Mass Effect. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Electronic Arts.
46. Dennaton Games. 2012. Hotline Miami. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Devolver Digital.
47. Devil’s Details. 2012. Binary Domain. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sega.
48. Diamond Interactive. 2011. Defy Gravity. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Diamond Interactive.
49. Digital Dialect. 2008. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. In (Windows PC [Steam]). GT Interactive.
50. Digital Extremes. 2012. The Darkness II. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 2K Games.
51. Dingaling. 2014. LISA. Dingaling Productions, LLC.
52. DnS Development. 2011. Dead Horde. In (Windows PC [Steam]). DnS Development.
53. Dontnod Entertainment. 2013. Remember Me. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Capcom.
54. Double Fine. 2011. Costume Quest. In (Windows PC [Steam]). THQ.
55. Double Fine. 2013. Brutal Legend. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Electronic Arts.
56. Double Fine. 2014. Costume Quest 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Midnight CIty.
57. Double Fine Productions. 2005. Psychonauts. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Majesco Entertainment.
58. Double Fine Productions. 2014. Hack “n” Slash. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Double Fine Productions.
59. Double Helix Games. 2014. Strider. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Capcom.
60. DoubleDutch Games. 2013. SpeedRunners. In (Windows PC [Steam]). tinyBuild.
61. Drinkbox Studios. 2012. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Drinkbox Studios.
62. Drinkbox Studios. 2013. Guacamelee! Gold Edition. Drinkbox Studios.
63. EA Digital Illusions CE. 2008. Mirror’s Edge. In (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows). Electronic Arts.
64. EA Redwood Shores. 2008. Dead Space. In (Windows PC [Origin]). Electronic Arts.
65. EasyGameStation. 2011. Chantelise. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Carpe Fulgur LLC.
66. Eidos Montreal. 2013. Deus Ex; Human Revolution. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Square Enix.
67. Eidos Montreal. 2014. Thief. Square Enix.
68. Endlessstuff Games. 2013. Valdis Story. Endlessstuff Games.
69. Epic Games. 2007. Unreal Tournament 3: Black edition. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Midway Games.
70. Facepalm Games. 2013. The Swapper. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Facepalm Games.
71. Facepunch Studios. 2013. Rust. Facepunch Studios.
72. Fatshark. 2012. War of the Roses. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Paradox Interacive.
73. Finji and Kittehface Software. 2015. Canabalt. Finji.
74. Fly Wild Hog. 2013. Shadow Warrior Classic Redux. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Devolver Digital.
75. Forge Reply srl. 2014. Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD Remastered. 505 Games.
76. FromSoftware. 2012. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. In (Windows PC [Steam]). BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.
77. FromSoftware. 2014. Dark Souls II. In (Windows PC [Steam]). BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.
78. Frozenbyte. 2009. Trine. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Noblis.
79. Frozenbyte. 2011. Trine 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Frozenbyte.
80. Fullbright. 2013. Gone Home. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Fullbright.
81. Galactica Cafe. 2013. The Stanley Parable. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Galactica Cafe.
82. Gearbox Software. 2012. Borderlands 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 2K Games.
83. Gearbox Software, 2k Games, and Telltale Games. 2009. Borderlands. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Telltale Games.
84. General Arcade. 2013. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Devolver Digital.
85. General Arcade. 2014. OlliOlli. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Devolver Digital.
86. GlyphX Games. 2005. Advent Rising. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Majesco Entertainment.
87. Hallstorm Games. 2014. Claire. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Hallstorm Games.
88. Hanako Games. 2012. Long Live The Queen. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Hanako Games.
89. Harebrained Schemes. 2013. Shadowrun Returns. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Harebrained Schemes.
90. Haruneko Entertainment. 2014. Akane the Kunoichi. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Haruneko Entertainment.
91. Harvester Games. 2012. The Cat Lady. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Screen 7.
92. Hello Games. 2013. Joe Danger 2: The Movie. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Hello Games.
93. Hitbox Team. 2012. Dustforce. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Digerati Distrubution.
94. Sean Hogan and Jonothan Kittaka. 2013. Anodyne. . Anaglesic Productions.
95. Hopoo Games. 2013. Risk of Rain. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Chucklefish Ltd.
96. Idea Factory. 2014. Agarest: Generations of War. In (Windows PC [Steam]). GhostLight LTD.
97. Image & Form. 2013. SteamWorld Dig. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Image & Form.
98. Insurgency Team. 2007. Insurgency. In (Windows Pc [Steam]). Insurgency Team.
99. Irrational Games. 2013. BioShock Infinite. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 2K Games.
100. Ian Isaro. 2015. Cubicle Quest. In (Windows PC [Steam]). GrabTheGames.
101. Kaos Studios and Digital Extremes. 2011. Homefront. Deep Silver.
102. Ed Key. 2013. Proteus. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Ed Key and David Kanaga.
103. Klei Entertainment. 2012. Mark of the Ninja. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Microsoft Studios.
104. Klei Entertainment. 2013. Don’t Starve. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Klei Entertainment.
105. Kylotonn Entertainment. 2011. The Cursed Crusade. In (Windows PC [Steam]). ATLUS.
106.Christine Love. 2012. Analogue: A Hate Story. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Christine Love.
107. LucasArts. 2005. Star Wars Republic Commando. In (Windows PC [Steam]). LucasArts.
108. MecurySteam. 2013. Castlevania: Lord of Shadows- Ultimate Edition. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Konami Digital Entertainment.
109. MecurySteam. 2014. Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Konami Digital Entertainment.
110. MecurySteam. 2014. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Konami Digital Entertainment.
111. Mediantonic. 2014. Hatoful Boyfriend. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Devolver Digital.
112. Memetic Games. 2013. Dementium II HD. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Digital Tribe.
113. Microids. 2014. Darkstone. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Gravity Europe SAS.
114. MicroProse. 2001. X-COM: Enforcer. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Hasbro Interactive.
115. Minor Key Games. 2013. Eldritch. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Minor Key Games.
116. Minority. 2013. Papo & Yo. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Minority.
117. Monolith Productions. 2005. F.E.A.R. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Vivendi Universal.
118. Monolith Productions. 2009. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. In (Windows PC [Steam]). WB Games.
119. Necrophone Games. 2014. Jazzpunk. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Adult Swim Games.
120. Nicalis Inc. 2011. Cave Story+. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Nicalis Inc.
121. NimbleBit. 2013. Nimble Quest. In (Windows PC [Steam]). NimbleBit.
122. Ninja Theory. 2013. ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West. In (Windows PC [Steam]). BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.
123. Noumena Studios. 2013. Demonicon. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Kalypso Media Digital.
124. Number None, Inc. 2009. Braid. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Number None, Inc.
125. Opus. 2012. Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy. In (Windows PC [Steam]). MAQL.
126. Orthogonal Games. 2013. The Novelist. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Orthogonal Games.
127. Other Ocean Interactive. 2010. Dark Void Zero. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Capcom.
128. Over the Moon. 2014. The Fall. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Over the Moon.
129. OVERDRIVE. Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~. In (Windows PC [Steam]). MagnaGamer.
130. Platinum Games. 2014. The Legend of Korra. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Activision.
131. Playdead. 2011. LIMBO. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Playdead.
132. Lucas Pope. 2013. Papers, Please. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Lucas Pope.
133. Rain Games. 2013. Teslagrad. Rain Games.
134. Ratz “N” Godz. 2014. 1Quest. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Ratz “N” Godz.
135. Realmforge Studios. 2013. DARK. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Kalypso Media Digital.
136. Recoil Games. 2011. Rochard. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Recoil Games.
137. Remedy Entertainment. 2012. Alan Wake. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Remedy Entertainment.
138. Rising Star Games. 2013. Deadly Premonition. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Rising Star Games.
139. Ritual Entertainment. 2004. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted scenes. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
140. Robot Entertainment. 2011. Orcs Must Die! In (Windows PC [Steam]). Microsoft Studios.
141. Robot Entertainment. 2012. Orcs Must Die! 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Robot Entertaiment.
142. Rocksteady Studios. 2009. Batman: Arkham Asylum. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Eidos Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
143. Rocksteady Studios. Batman: Arkham City. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
144. Runic Games. 2009. Torchlight. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Runic Games.
145. Sega. 2012. NIGHTS into Dreams… In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sega.
146. Serious Brew. 2012. Cargo Commander. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Digital Tribe.
147. Shorebound Studios. 2013. Dead Sky. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Shorebound Studios.
148. Simogo. 2014. Year Walk. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Simogo.
149. Snowblind Studios. 2011. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. In (Windows PC [Steam]). WB Games.
150. Soldak Entertainment. 2007. Depths of Peril. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Soldak Entertainment.
151. Spicy Tails. 2014. WORLD END ECONOMICA episode.01. Sekai Project.
152. Starbreeze Studios. 2013. Brothers- A Tale of Two Sons. In (Windows PC [Steam]). 505 Games.
153. StoryBird. 2013. Finding Teddy. In (Windows PC [Steam]). LookAtMyGame.
154. Strange Loop Games. 2012. Vessel. In (Windows PC [Steam]). IndiePub.
155. Strangelite. 2002. Crazy Taxi. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Acitvision.
156. Supergiant Games. 2011. Bastion. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
157. Supergiant Games. 2012. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Curve Studios.
158. Suspicious Developments. 2013. Gunpoint. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Suspicious Developments.
159. Ty Taylor and Castaneda Mario. 2013. The Bridge. In (Windows PC [Steam). The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.
160. Techland. 2013. Call of Juarez Gunslinger. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Ubisoft.
161. Telltale Games. 2012. The Walking Dead. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Telltale Games.
162. Telltale Games. 2014. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Telltale Games.
163. Tequila Works S.L. 2012. Deadlight. Microsoft Studios.
164. Terrible Posture Games. 2014. Tower of Guns. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Terrible Posture Games.
165. Test3 Projects. 2013. Teleglitch: Die More Edition. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Paradox Interacive.
166. The Chinese Room. 2012. Dear Esther. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Steam.
167. The Creative Assembly. 2012. Viking: Battle for Asgard. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sega.
168. The Story Mechanics. 2013. The 39 Steps. In (Windows PC [Steam]). KISS ltd.
169. TimeGate Studios. 2006. F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Vivendi Universal.
170. TimeGate Studios. 2007. F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sierra Entertainment.
171. Ubisoft. 2014. Child of Light. In (Windows PC [Steam). Ubisoft.
172. Ubisoft. 2014. Watch_Dogs. Ubisoft.
173. Ubisoft Montreal. 2013. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Ubisoft.
174. United Game Artists. 2011. Space Channel 5: Part 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sega.
175. Unkown Worlds Entertainment. 2012. Natural Selection 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Unknown Worlds Entertainment.
176. Upper One Games and E-Line Media. 2014. Never Alone  (Kisima Ingitchuna). E-LIne Media.
177. Vagabond Dog. 2014. Always Sometimes Monsters. Devolver Digital.
178. Valve Corporation. 1999. Counter-Strike. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
179. Valve Corporation. 1999. Half-Life: Opposing Force. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sierra Entertainment.
180. Valve Corporation. 2001. Half-Life 2: Blue Shift. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sierra Entertainment.
181. Valve Corporation. 2003. Team Fortress Classic. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sierra Entertainment.
182. Valve Corporation. 2004. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
183. Valve Corporation. 2004. Half-Life 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Sierra Entertainment.
184. Valve Corporation. 2006. Half-Life 2: Episode One. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
185. Valve Corporation. 2007. Half-Life 2: Episode Two. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
186. Valve Corporation. 2007. Portal. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
187. Valve Corporation. 2007. Team Fortress 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
188. Valve Corporation. 2009. Left 4 Dead 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
189. Valve Corporation. 2011. Portal 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Valve Corporation.
190. Vigil Games. 2010. Darksiders. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Nordic Games.
191. Vigil Games. 2012. Darksiders II. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Nordic Games.
192. Visceral Games. 2011. Dead Space 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Electronic Arts.
193. Volition. 2009. Saints Row 2. In (Windows PC [Steam]). THQ.
194. Volition. 2011. Saints Row: The Third. In (Windows PC [Steam]). THQ.
195. Volition. 2013. Saints Row IV. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Deep Silver.
196. WayForward Technologies. 2014. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. In (Windows PC [Steam]). WayForward Technologies.
197. Wild Games Studio. 2013. Day One: Garry’s Inicdent. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Wild Games Studio.
198. Winter Wolves. 2014. Roommates. In (Windows PC [Steam]). Winter Wolves.
199. Zoink! 2013. Stick It To The Man! In (Windows PC [Steam]). Ripstone.
200. Zootfly. 2013. Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death. 505 Games.