Playful Fabrication & Augmenting Reality for Augmented Reality

We’re creating games and other entertainment applications to be played using 3D printers and other small-scale fabrication systems in order to produce new contexts for hardware innovation, and to better understand use-cases that can drive widespread adoption of these technologies.How does the design of fabrication hardware change when used as a communication device, or a device for play, instead of as a tool for prototyping?¬†We’re also creating microscale architectures (dollhouses, physical models, etc.) to envision a future where pervasive augmented reality technology has reshaped our physical environment. What does the world look like when it knows that a computer is looking at it? How can we create richer AR experiences when the designed environment has elements that originated in a digital system?

Associated Projects

  • TerraForm: a 3D printed strategy game
  • Restless: The Haunted Dollhouse

Associated Publications