Pervasive Games Film Festival

I’ve organized these into some loose categories of my own creation.


Participants are voluntarily inside the magic circle, outcomes are uncertain, and spectators might become inadvertently involved.


Pacmanhattan: Control Room:

I Love Bees:

Uncle Roy All Around You:

Can You See Me Now?:

LARP: Lightning Bolt!:

Darkon Larp:

Civil War Reenactment:

World Without Oil:


Shelby Logan’s Run:

The Lost Experience:


Cruel 2B Kind:


Uninvolved spectators are the object and subject of the experience, and the magic circle is “weaponized” in order to disrupt their daily lives. Outcomes are uncertain.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop:


Mutant Giant Spider Dog:

Ghost Girl in Elevator:

Star Wars Elevator Prank:


Participants enacting somewhat known outcomes within a permeable magic circle that can incorporate spectators, but is unconcerned with their response (vs. pranks where spectator response is the whole point).

Star Wars in Real Life:

Lord of the Rings in Real Life:

Frozen Grand Central Station:

Historical Precedents:

What is Fluxus?:

How to Make a Happening:

John Cage’s 4’33”:

The ABC’s of DADA:

The Situationist International:

Pervasive Games in Popular Culture

The Last of Sheila:

Midnight Madness:

More Midnight Madness:

Even More Midnight Madness:

The Game:

The Man Who Knew Too Little:

The 10th Victim:

Battle Royale:

The Hunger Games: